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How quest tracing could encourage exploration

JeanPhilippeQCJeanPhilippeQC Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
I wonder if Intrepid idea on quest tracking, mini map and so on changed since Alpha-1. On that test phase, we had quests pinned on the map (“M” button) and you could see where that quest is located. It’s also shown on the mini map when you were close. However, I want to bring a different idea that could make peoples explore the map. I know exploring is an important part in that game.

Instead of pinning the quest on both maps, we could have a good description of the quest in the log. The text could say something like “The cats you must get a ride on behalf of “X” Village are in a small forest west from the hill south of here. The river, with a stone bridge crossing it, leads to the heart of the beasts home.” For sure when you are in the area of the quest, the mark will appear on the mini map.

By showing on the mini map when in the scope of the quest only and not on “M” map would, with a good description of what to do, in my opinion, will encourage players to explore the map and keep a certain sense of discovery. It could be frustrating yes but I think it would be more satisfying when you finally find it.


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    I think quests important for the narrative could warrant special treatment like this. But a lot of quests that are just menial tasks are just as good with a pin on the map.
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    I welcome anything to avoid the feeling of boring chores. Quests should add to the experience or not be there at all. If this idea was implemented, then as long as it isn't tedious, and actually requires some navigational/investigative skill, or has some form of unique way of being engaging- then I think it would be a good.
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