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[NA] Foghunters | PVX RP | All Time Zones | Kai Vek Focused | All races welcome

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[NA] Foghunters | PVX RP | All Time Zones | Kai Vek Focused | All races welcome
The Foghunters are a maritime-focused, role play faction focused primarily on Vek and Ren'kai, but characters of all races are welcome.

If you have what it takes, join us! We are looking for fun focused individuals who aren't afraid to strive for lofty goals, such as controlling our own maritime city and becoming the most fearsome naval power on our server!

Vek Foghunters believe their racial aptitude for divination and astrology to be best invoked on the high seas. Not only are they talented navigators, but they seek life and death on the oceans in pursuit of a higher, divine calling.

Ren'kai Foghunters, like all Ren'kai, are a martial, honor based folk. While they don't have the same priestly attitude towards life on the water, they serve as the proud marines of the Foghunter armada. They are as noble as they are fearsome, and a Ren'kai marine charging on to your ship is fearsome indeed.

Other races sometimes find themselves serving amongst the Foghunters. Whether they be merchants seeking safe travel for their goods in Foghunter waters or mercenaries looking for glory as privateers, there is a place for anyone with the guts to live and die on the fog of the seas.

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