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[NA] The Exchange l PVX l 16+ l Merchant Mariner

[NA] The Exchange l PVX l 16+ l Merchant Mariner ...... Greetings Ashes of Creation (AOC) community. As it suggests, the Exchange is centered around (seafaring) mercantile activity. We are new and forming now with the goal of an election of officers before launch. Our vision is that the Exchange will evolve as a small skills based organization (about 30 to 50 members) and grow alongside the game. We strive to be the best Ship Builders and Navigators in Verra. Here are some highlights:

- Members are independent & autonomous - versatile solo minded players;
- Association Trade Skill Support and Organized Raids similar to common guild structure;
- Democratic administration (voting);
- Defend our members against deliberate in-game griefing;
- Unique Research & Development Lab(s) with Mercantile, Boatwright, and Mariner in-game focus;
- Must be at least 16 years of age;
- All classes are needed - undead corsairs to banking magnates;
- We do not initiate or seek to join in guild wars - we think bigger.

Please feel free to scope our web site and review our unique departure from ‘vanilla’ guilds (link below). If you like what you see, then join us on Discord. Sorry, no alts allowed. Let’s navigate and grow with Ashes together!
Dirty Murder#6405
The Exchange
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