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[OCE/SEA] THE WOOLY MAMMOTH | PVX-RP | come and experience what it means to be a Mammoth!

SovereigneSovereigne Member
edited December 2022 in OCE Guild Recruitment
Region: OCE& SEA
Servers: TBD
Activity Type: PVX-RP
Time Zone: AEST (GMT+10) & AWST | SEA ST (GMT+8).
Language: English

Well met!

About Wooly
Inclusive. Camaraderie. Member-centric. These are the words best used to describe the unique guild & community culture Wooly offers to its members. We've established ourselves as a holistic & evergreen community across OCE, NA West, & SEA, and are looking to invite more people into our community to share our journey with us! Come along and experience the camaraderie of being a Mammoth!

Wooly in Ashes of Creation
Wooly has established itself as a powerhouse in games such as WoW, Lost Ark, New World, and we're pursuing the same impact in Ashes of Creation. As an evergreen community, our focus is on all forms of content, so Wooly will be recruiting for both social & competitive content as we continue to develop a vibrant guild atmosphere in-game that resonates with the values we have in our Wooly community both in and outside of Ashes of Creation. The primary aim in the development of our community is to provide an online home for our members that share the vision of camaraderie and inclusiveness within the holistic community that is Wooly.

  • Wooly at it's Core; Wooly is a community that welcomes all of those seeking a home online, including
    - individuals who share our vision in Wooly; and
    - have the goal of enjoying their unique Ashes of Creation experiences with fellow guild members, and building friendships online through Ashes of Creation.
  • Node Establishment; Wooly will be working together as a guild & community to successfully establish a node with speed, coordination, & momentum on our chosen servers!
  • Competitive Content; with the inclusion of sieges & large-scale warfare, trade caravan escorts, & dungeon/raiding content in AoC, we'll be establishing multiple competitive teams & environments once more information releases.
  • Social; We're also recruiting social members who engage in MMO's as an outlet of Social activity at any and all levels!

The History of Wooly
The Wooly Mammoth was created in 2017 and has been member-centric and had a strong, active community since its inception. Wooly provides a safe haven for its members to freely express themselves in a safe and supportive environment that promotes individuality and everyone's interests. Originating in World of Warcraft as a successful Cutting Edge mythic raiding guild, and later on as the largest OCE, NA WEST, & SEA Lost Ark community, TWM now represents a community for people of all backgrounds to find an established home online. Adding to the existing healthy & thriving social aspect of the community, we also have strong roots in World of Warcraft, Lost Ark, & New World, and plan for the community to diversely branch into multiple other gaming and online avenues to become a haven for all who find their home here at Wooly.

How to Join Wooly
join us via our discord link below & follow the steps to set up your roles, or alternatively, you're welcome to DM me via Discord.

Discord Link:
GM: Sovereigne#0888 (Discord)

Thanks all! See you all in our Wooly community & Ashes of Creation!

"Camaraderie defines THE WOOLY MAMMOTH" - Sovereigne

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