A Necromancer's Journal. Entry #2.

I managed to find makeshift tavern filled with the usual meatheads and mages getting drunk and boasting about their adventures. I despise how imbecilic and short sighted they are, but it was necessary to procure some help in order to explore the cave and find the creature.
I found a group of 3 who were willing to come with me. I've tricked them into thinking i'm a miner in search of rare ore. The price they demanded for their services was ridiculous, but I had planned to use them in my experiments anyway, so i'll get my coin back soon enough. There is 2 male warriors, an Orc and a Dwarf, and 1 female Elf cleric. I'll have to remember to kill her silently and quickly or else the other 2 might be able to overpower me with her support spells.
We started exploring this cave but, unfortunately, it's significantly larger than I had previously thought and we've already had to make camp for the evening. It took me half a day to find the help and for us to get here, and we've been looking around for the other half the day but despite that, by my estimates, we've scarcely seen even 5% of this place. We haven't encountered anything worth noteworthy yet, but sounds of large creatures further in echo through the cave constantly.
Frustratingly, I haven't been able to sense even the slightest hint of the creature I saw. What exactly was that thing and what sort of magic does it actually posses? As anxious as I am to find out, I must remember to be patient. Since we Necromancers do not possess the raw power of either the meatheads or mages, we win our battles through patience and cunning. I mustn't get too excited at the potential of new research and allow myself to be exposed to danger.
I hope that tomorrow that i'll be able to pick up the creatures trail, but even if I fail to, i'll still be able to conduct research.

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