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A Necromancer's Journal. Entry #1.

I purchased this journal to chronical my travels across Verra. I don't know how often I will write it in, but if my dreams come to fruition, it may be useful for other students of necromancy to read my entries and learn from my struggle. Hopefully they will have an easier time of things.
Sanctus was an enjoyable enough place, but the simple-minded people there looked poorly upon my research. Ironic, and hypocritical, considering they took little issue with mages throwing fireballs at their heads. Their thoughts and opinions mean little to nothing to me though. All that matters is my research. Reanimation of the dead to act as servants, while a useful tool, is just the first step of a much larger goal. That goal is far off as of yet, but I will achieve my end.
I came through the portal to Verra about a week ago and initially I was unimpressed. There's almost nothing of note here. Just meatheads with their swords and mages with their lightning trying to tame an untamed world. Trying to carve out their place in it.
What good is all that power if you'll be dead before you properly utilize it. If the power you possess cannot stop death, if it cannot bring to you immortality, then the "power" you possess is nothing but distraction meant to comfort you in face of the inevitable.
Being on Sanctus was beginning to look better for my research. Today though, I stumbled upon a strangle creature from whom I could sense immense magical energy. It was a kind of magic I had never felt before, and I MUST know more about it. It hurried off to a cave before I could catch it. I went it to take a look around, but found the cave to be quite immense in size. I had to return to camp. I am going to gather some supplies, and maybe a meathead or two, and seek out this creature tomorrow.
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