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A Necromancer's Journal. Entry #3.

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USELESS! ABSOLUTELY USELESS! The creature was RIGHT THERE! Just a mere 50 feet away but those IMBECILES couldn't clear the rock elementals fast enough for me to get to it! We've spent 3 whole days in this stupid place just for them to let it slip through my fingers!
After they showed just how pathetic they are I decided it would be better to just do this myself. I killed the Elf from behind while she was mid-heal on the Orc. He died a few seconds later. Afterwhich, I left the Dwarf to be crushed under his own incompetence. I'll go pick the bodies up later once those annoying pebble piles have moved on.
It was so close. SO CLOSE! I couldn't get a solid feel for what sort of magical properties it has but I was able to tell that, whatever they may be, they're unlike anything i've ever felt before.. ethereal, yet somehow still grounded in physical reality. I must have this creature. I must have it's power.
The next step up from necromancer is lich. You learn as much about death and souls as you possibly can and then, once you have the knowledge and power necessary, you transfer your soul to a phylactery. When done properly, you use the dead as extensions of yourself while your soul remains perfectly safe, hidden away. You almost become immortal.
That's the problem though.. you're ALMOST immortal. Close to immortal, but not. Once the phylactery is destroyed, you die along with it. That is unacceptable! I have the knowledge and power necessary to take that next step, but there is no point in it! All i'd be doing is delaying the inevitable. I MUST find this creature. It's power could be the key to helping me find true immortality. Even if it isn't the key, it might could be a steppingstone to re----


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    I predict the necromancer dies :smile:
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