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Family System - A fun idea

As has been discussed by devs, there are (tentative) plans for introducing a family system to Ashes. The family system ties into the in-game player marriages. It was mentioned that NPC babies likely won't be happening as all NPCs will be attackable during sieges. Killing NPC babies = bad.

We don't have alot of information on this system so bear with me as I present some suggestions.


So, how do we grow this family system to be a unique and interesting system and elevate it from being a side feature? Well, lets play with the concept of family systems in MMOs. This system would obvious attempt to stimulate group play, community engagement, and cohesiveness (shoot- this isn't sounding anything like my IRL family...).

This can be achieved by opening the family system up past simply the player and their spouse. Here's my thoughts:

You (the player) can choose to start a family or join a family. If you start the family, you are the matriarch/patriarch- head of the household. The family can be observed in an interface that shows a basic, familiar familial tree. The family tree can only have a finite amount of members, perhaps you can unlock more slots through quests. Family slots include children slots and sibling slots (of the Matriarch/Patriarch). As the head of the family, you provide a passive buff (or buffs) or family heirloom, an item, that all members of your family will have access to use. The matriarch would have to provide a pretty sweet buff or item though. Perhaps the head of the family can complete extensive quest lines to upgrade their family heirloom- maybe it can remove 1 stage of corruption or provide a instant teleport of the user to the Matriarch/Patriarch's node (with a long CD).

Being the head of the household isn't all about giving though- your family members will generate small amounts of EXP for you as they go about their daily lives in the game. The Matriarch/Patriarch will gain exp in the skill the family members are executing (crafting, combat, etc.). Every X amount of experience gained grants the Matriarch/Patriarch a family seal- and allows for the upgrading of the familial buff/heirloom.

Also, first post. Hello :).
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