Tavern ideas

I have come across an idea that might prove beneficial to the community aspect of AoC.
Since we can all have our homes in this game, why not create a system in which you can chose your favourite tavern?

This tavern could provide foods and consumables at a discounted price. In a city I would assume that there are multiple taverns so if this would be the case, picking a favourite that lies closest to your allocated home might give benefits to roleplaying aspects aswell as conveniences. Having friends or neighbours that you come across several times might create a bond when being at the tavern all together. Having music events ( players creating music as if in a band. It might be possible if you sync eachother with the same song ). Lord of the rings online nailed this social aspect of game so I would advice taking inspiration from there.

What do you guys/girls think of this idea?
Feel free to share other ideas! :D


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    I actually like the idea of having multiple taverns in a town and encouraging players to visit a certain one, to their liking. When everyon1 stacks ontop of eachother at the general shop, it feels too "massive" and less "rpg"!
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