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A Necromancer's Journal. Entry #4.

IAmWarden01IAmWarden01 Member
edited January 2023 in Role-Playing Tavern
That Dwarf. He was tougher than I gave him credit for. Smarter too. Not only did he manage to survive the fight with the rock elementals, but he managed to find me and was clever enough to wait for me to be distracted with my writing before attacking me. I killed him, obviously, but it wasn't an easy fight. He got in several good shots which caused me to bleed profusely. I got back to the mouth of the cave before I passed out. When I woke up, I was back in town. Apparently, a meathead found me and carried me back. I've been unconscious for nearly a week.
When I woke up I was questioned about what happened in the cave. I told them we were attacked by elementals and I was the only one to survive. They did an investigation of the cave, but curiously enough, they didn't find the bodies. What happened to them? I asked if they full cleared the cave and they said that they had and that, after a complete investigation, they're going to mine it for resources.
The creature is either dead or long gone. All my efforts to find it have been wasted, and now I have authorities breathing down my neck, asking me very difficult questions. I need to get away, but I can barely sit up, let alone travel.
I'm thankful that I keep this little journal hidden within my undergarments. If they had found it, I might have been executed on the spot. I'll need to come up with a better way to chronical my research. For now, my focus is on healing quickly and getting out of here.
Sitting in this makeshift hospital I learned that there is some sort of "underrealm", where intelligent creatures live. Those who stayed behind on Verra and survived. I think i'll seek out this "underrealm" next. Maybe they will know more about the creature and it's magic.
A final note: The food here is terrible. I'll be glad to get a descent meal in my belly when I leave.
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