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[NA] Faith Forged | PvE & Crafting-Focus | Eastern | Christian & Family-Friendly | Relaxed Gameplay

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"Forge your faith where iron sharpens iron."

Welcome to Faith Forged, a sassy and sarcastic Christian community whose love language is spoken through dad jokes, looping reaction gifs, and just the right amount of trolling. Our love for gaming is what initially draws us together, but it is our love of Christ that binds us. We're a PvE/Social group that is looking to foster friendships, kinship, and a sense of community that expands beyond the virtual to the material. If you're looking for a sense of belonging, then I encourage you to read on.


Faith Forged is the Ashes of Creation sector of our larger multi-gaming community, Above Water. You may have seen us running around in Tyria (Guild Wars 2), briefly in Aeternum (New World), and currently in Azeroth (WoW). We also have flavor of the month games that typically have dedicated servers hosted by our community members such as Project Zomboid, ARK: Survival Evolved, Risk of Rain 2, Valheim, and others. It keeps things interesting and it's safe to say that we're gaming nomads just waiting on our home in Verra to be opened.

We are a Christian community, but we welcome family-friendly players to join our ranks. Just be advised that Christ is the core of our community and while we're not preaching every time we're in comms---the conversations do naturally bring up our faith. It's normal for us to quote Bible verses, discuss theology questions, or share prayer requests. If this would make you uncomfortable, then we understand and our hope is that you'll find a community that makes you feel comfortable.

We are very much a social guild with our calendar being filled with opportunities for socializing through various events. We have a weekly prayer meeting (no one is required to attend or share/pray), an ongoing "Read Your Bible in a Year" challenge, events in our MMO guilds (dungeon runs, PvE questing, harvesting events), and social game nights playing Jackbox, GarticPhone, or whatever else the community finds for our game night. We absolutely love hanging out in Guilded (it's like Discord, but fits our needs better) and encourage newcomers to hop into the channel even if they're not currently playing the same game.


  • Christian and Family-friendly means that you can keep comms on your speakers without worrying that profanities are going to be bouncing off your walls. We have adult conversations without using adult language, so all ages are welcome in our group.
  • We're not hardcore. We don't stress over min-maxing our characters or require our members to dedicate X% of their time to representing Faith Forged. We want our members to hop into the game because they enjoy running around the realm with us.
  • Fellowship beyond the game is our goal. If you're not feeling the drive to play the game, you're still encouraged to join us in comms just to hang out and chat about life. If you're struggling with heavy stuff, we'll be there to listen and help where we can.
  • Humor is abundant in Faith Forged. Corny dad jokes, memes, reaction gifs, and mild trolling really are our love language. We take our walk with God seriously---but less so of ourselves. We love wholesome comedy.
  • Website is updated monthly with a list of the games we're playing.
  • Community calendar and communication are through Guilded. We try to plan at least one major community game night a month, alongside our weekly events.


We may be laid back and supporters of living our best life away from the keyboard, but that doesn't mean we lack focus. We have a few goals that we'd like to accomplish during our time in Verra.


  • PvE Content is our bread and butter. Many of us enjoy reading through quest dialogue and uncovering the lore of a game. We want to take our time exploring Verra, meeting her inhabitants, and being absorbed in this carefully crafted masterpiece.
  • Part of the PvE content that we enjoy is killing world bosses and clearing dungeons. Joining us means having a crew that is willing to drop what they're doing to help in an epic battle---open world or instanced.
  • Crafting and harvesting are major draws for our community. We're not PvP inclined, but we are spreadsheet nerds and heavily invested in becoming mastercraftsmen at our dedicated trade.


  • We are interested in entertaining an alliance with a PvP-focused guild wherein we provide them with crafted goods and/or harvested materials and they provide us with protection when hosting large harvesting events or transporting wares between territories.
  • We will continue our tradition of holding harvest parties and competitions for the guild. Earn prizes and/or gold for harvesting the most materials during an event. This includes fishing tournaments and tree-chopping events.
  • Give Back Events will be held where we craft up excess goods to hand out to fellow citizens or newcomers to the game.
  • We want to be recognized as knowledgeable in our craft, giving in PvE intel, and charitable to our fellow local citizens.


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