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Jan 23' Building Cosmetic: Warehouses will be shared? Are these Freehold-placeable?

Noticed that this month's cosmetics included a warehouse skin. Yours truly had previously been under the impression that warehouses were something that would only be like 1/Node-city - but the wiki seems to indicate that everyone will have the option to have a warehouse.

Am I mis-understanding warehouses, in-general? Will most of them be figurative, rather then physical? I know there's a period of plunder that will follow successful sieges, and had previously been under the impression that Node-cities would probably have something akin to a central warehouse that all of the citizens use, and that could be ransacked, after a siege.

The wiki doesn't indicate where these will be placed, however. Do we know anything yet about warehouses asides from the wiki's information? The building-skin for January here is specific to warehouses, and really got me thinking about it.

Hadn't imagined that Node-cities would be full of player-warehouses - but it does make sense, if this is to be the case; Cityscapes can't be just housing, shops, and unique buildings....


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    Freeholds will give access to the highest tier of processing, to process you'll need gatherables, I assume many of them. Guess the plan is having freehold plots with warehouses. Nice catch on that, one more thing we can draw a conclusion from!
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    SongcallerSongcaller Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited January 2023
    I have the same question. I'm reminded of the ice/glass building a while back. Not sure if all warehouse will take the appearance of the current skin or if the skin is for freehold only.

    Edit: I checked the news feed and it does say Freehold Skin. My bad.
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