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Mechanics of planting on unclaimed land.

SeJoTaSSeJoTaS Member
edited January 2023 in General Discussion
I was wondering, if it was possible that there was a mechanism to be able to plant different species of trees or plants outside our own land, to create something similar to the illegal plantations that were in archeage?

Also if you could add a mechanism for modifying tree species based on a material or mineral that can be added to the fertilizer or buried next to the plantations to be able to alter the tree species and, for example, obtain a more resistant tree. Or with a greater magical power for professions that can take advantage of it?.

I don't know what you think about it, I would like to know everyone's opinion and I don't know if it was something positive that could be added to the game if Steven Sharif reads this post or what he would think about this idea.

Post.: Excuse me, if my English is poorly written, it is not my native language and I am still learning.
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