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How story should be written (lore)

Watch this video, it shows how writers developed story over more then 10 years. It all started in at release of WoW (base game) then it developed in over 10 years of expansions. It would be great if story is not very simple and boring, but if it had these mysteries from beginning of base game.

What do you think? Leave a thought in comments as well as other examples of a good story.


  • bloodprophetbloodprophet Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Lore for WoW started 10 years before WoW was released with Orcs and Humans.
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  • TalentsTalents Member, Intrepid Pack

    No thanks.
  • VekoCrnogoracVekoCrnogorac Member
    edited January 24
    Talents wrote: »

    No thanks.

    Why would you say that, WoW lore is amazing and is written within many books, it's like you are reading 1000 pages Lord of the Rings... It has amazing lore, it's just that in game it has some issues on how to develop raids and lore and all that stuff that happens in one expansion.

    I do not like lore in recent expansions, I feel I have to mention that :/, but lore in warcraft 2 and 3 is one of the best, and lore in old azeroth when orcs did not even take place, lore before night elves and all that stuff, that was amazing lore worth of 1000 pages of reading via books...

    Edit: Look for some videos of PlatinumWoW youtuber, he animates his videos and tells lore in a very interesting way. I recommend the defias brotherhood chapter, that's how you write a story, it's just a casual story full of beliefs of one individuals that lead them to wrong-doing. He believes that is right to do, and that is a fantastic casual story. It's not a story about some greater threat or whatever every new MMO has, about gods, dragons, corruption and all that boring stuff. It's just another casual day like story with great details and such a super-ordinary villains.
  • AzheraeAzherae Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    The town is saved by our relatively average hero Carogon Arcokev.

    I think Steven has the 'lore and story' part covered by now.

    For those who rely on me, is the video worth watching: No.

    It's quite relevant, but the OP does not expand upon it, and the Video is not actually about writing techniques nor about lore development outside of the standard of the era. It's about a single WoW questline (and some cool stuff expanded over many years within the game), but it does not in any way describe how to do it, and you'd still need to have the RPG writing skill 'base level' to see the nuances.

    I hope we get good story/lore, OP.
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  • Not a WoW fan - but if I'm not mistaken:

    When Mists of Pandaria was released, wasn't the whole plan to just to introduce it to players as always having been part of the existing world all along, ignoring Pandas as having been absent for the previous years of the game? Doesn't sound very creative, to me.

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