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i paid 75 dollars to play this game two weeks ago and still cant play it need help

vipermoonvipermoon Member
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i paid 75 dollars to play this game two weeks ago and still cant play it need help


  • Yes, you do. You need help doing your own due diligence. It is very clear by now that there is no Beta coming any time soon, the progress line clearly indicates that there will be a Alpha 2 before there will be a Beta phase and just skimming through the information on the Forum, the Subreddit or on Youtube would have told you that this is nothing you will be playing anytime soon by buying the 75$ package. You didn't pay 75 dollars to play the game, you paid that money to have a Beta key, just like the description told you.

    And before this is labeled as an uncivil answer: I telling you this because not doing your own due diligence before you make a purchase could be ruinous for you in other fields of your life.

    Maybe you can get a refund, but even if you don't - I hope this will be a lesson to you.
    The answer is probably >>> HERE <<<
  • The pack you purchased clearly states:
    "Access to future Beta Two test phase"

    Beta Two is not currently ongoing. That will come in the future. No dates have been announced yet, so you're going to have to just check back periodically to see when you can play.

    For reference, Alpha 1 happened during the summer of 2021. Alpha 2 is the next phase, which has not been announced yet. Beta 1 will come after that, followed by Beta 2 (your testing phase). So you probably have quite some time to wait.
  • Did you try turning your computer off and on again?
  • so i cant this game at all
  • what site do i down load the game never played this before so it my sound like stupid question
  • Hey you can't play the game yet and won't be able to for awhile so i suggest writing your login password down in your notes under a tag like "Ashes of Creation" and just waiting since it will be a long time.

    The wiki is an excellent resource for all things Ashes of Creation. Spend some time there and enjoy.
  • so i cant plat the game because i paid for beta 2
  • ShadonSolShadonSol Moderator, Member, Alpha One
    As others have noted, AoC is currently in development and there are no active testing phases right now. The next phase is Alpha2, followed by Beta1 and Beta2. The $75 pack grants you access to Beta1. We don't have any dates for future phases yet, so stay tuned!
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