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Naval Content and Mercenaries

Things to speculate about:

Will there be a requirement for each type of ship as far as number of players to crew each ship?
-what will this entail? Does each player need to fulfill a particular job on the ship to keep it going? Do you simply need a set amount of players to have the ship working? What happens if some of those players jump ship to board another ship?

Will Naval Caravans have access to Mercenaries like Land caravans do?
-Will you need a certain amount of actual players in order to partake in a Naval Caravan? Will Mercenaries(if available) take over tasks other players normally would?


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    I'd like if they pretty much copied the base gameplay of Sea of Thieves. You have the wheel, you have the sails and the anchor, you have the cannons. One player can control all of them, but it requires a ton of attention and any 2+ member ship would most likely destroy you because they have more hands to control all those things.

    The caravan could range from a super basic small ship that's easily controlled by a single player to a huge barge with a ton of cannons and controls, so it requires a full team to sail.
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    Avast ye! How did I miss this jolly threat?

    Arrr, me hearty! I be agreein' with @NiKr that copyin' Sea of Thieves be a thing. I'd also be copyin' the chests, it'd be grand if the gold collected at sea would go straight to the chests. The ship could get attacked and scallywags could steal the chest.
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