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2 Steps to prevent toxic community in the first place

NaugrimurNaugrimur Member
edited January 2023 in General Discussion
One thing I really need to mention. It´s about PvE Combat and how your design strategies will thoroughly impact whether you get a toxic or kind community in the first place, or not. It´s up to you and your design, AoC!

1. DO NOT EVER make the mistake to reserve a mob and it´s loot to the first player/group that attacked it! IF you do it, you get the very bad taste that comes with the toxic kill stealing vibes! And you create people who are just running by someone who is fighting a mob because, well, they won´t get the good loot out of the monster, so why bother? Nothing more frustrating than someone running by not helping if you are about to die, because the world PvE Mob will not drop equal loot for them.
2. So, EVER DO make it possible that a mob is not "locked", but open to loot with the same loot table for everyone who participated in the fight against the mob! THIS will create a caring and helpful community. Have a look at ESO. Have a Look at GuildWars 2!
3. How often does it happen that someone is on the way to a resource node to harvest, and a mob is attacking? Often. If nodes do disappear after harvesting, others will walk by the fight and harvest the node first, and then kill the mob (if not Point 1!!). The first one is left with the hate about the resource node theft. In GuildWars 2, nodes do not disappear if someone else is harvesting them, they only disappear for oneself if the node/resource was harvested by the player himself. This is another step in PvE environment to leave toxic community behind and creating a welcoming community and environment. Point 3 can be optional, but Point 2 is a necessity for a non-toxic community in the first place. Fight together against the Evil in PvE!

Kind regards.


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