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Clerics have Conviction. Tanks have Courage. What about the other archetypes?

PercimesPercimes Member
edited January 2023 in General Discussion
According to the wiki...
Conviction is a class resource for the Cleric that is generated by certain abilities based on specific criteria.[1]

Conviction is a class resource we came up with for the Cleric specifically. Certain abilities will generate it based on certain criteria; and as Steven was saying there, you can either use it to heal an ally or you can use it to do damage to an enemy and generate conviction, which will then help you in the future heal for more. So, kind of what Keenan was saying about predictive play being an element, not just reactive: that would be the one of the predictive aspects of the cleric just setting yourself up so that when things start looking a little rough, you've prepared that in advance by not healing as much early on, and paying off later.[1] – Tradd Thompson

In the tank showcase we've seen that they also have a "class resource" named Courage. Staking to improve mitigation, I think. (Wiki hasn't been updated yet and I'm too lazy to rewatch the video at the moment)

But what of the other archetypes? Do they all have their own class resource they can stack to improve their skills? We haven't seen anything for the mage, fighter and ranger but it could simply be because it wasn't ready at the time.

Can mages stack... Concentration?
Can fighters stack... Feats or Manoeuvres?
Can bards stack... Harmonies?
Can rangers stack... ?

I'll need help for names if this kind of mechanic is really for all archetypes. Any suggestions while we wait for official revelations on the subject?
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    SongcallerSongcaller Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I don't think we need extra resources for all classes. We want classes to feel unique. Having the same basic mechanic across all classes will return us to the Focus based/Quick Time combat from Pax.
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    I think it would be nice to have a central "stacking resource" threaded through each of the 8 classes. These "resources" don't need to offer the same mechanics and can help define class identity.

    I like the names and concepts behind Courage and Conviction

    I think Concentration for Mages makes sense. How about something like.

    Bard: Carols
    Cleric: Convictions
    Fighter: Cuts
    Mage: Concentration
    Ranger: Caps
    Rogue: Chance
    Summoner: Chants
    Tank: Courage

    Say that 3 times in a row quickly. :D
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    LinikerLiniker Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    we don't need resources for every class. summoners have 3 pets, so everyone should as well? bards can use instruments and play songs during battle, should everyone do that as well? rogues have stealth, should everyone have stealth as well?
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    Liniker wrote: »
    we don't need resources for every class. summoners have 3 pets, so everyone should as well? bards can use instruments and play songs during battle, should everyone do that as well? rogues have stealth, should everyone have stealth as well?

    That's not exactly the same thing.
    Conviction and courage are different... Everyone getting three pets would be silly. Noone is saying everyone should get the same thing.
    Just asking if every class will have something unique to them.

    I've said before that it would be interesting if summoners ran with some kind of unit cap system for how many things they could summon, that would be a unique resource to the summoner class that none of the other classes would have.
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    What I like about Conviction and Courage as class resources is that, unlike HPs and Mana which we want to go down as slowly or as little as possible during the fight, they will go up and down during fight. They have a cyclical nature to them, they are meant to be built up and then spent. And we are to judge when it's the appropriate time to do so. They can be part of the rhythm of skill rotation.

    In short encounters it doesn't matter that much, but for long boss fight? Stacking cyclic class resources sounds a good thing for all archetypes. They don't have build up all the same way, the bonus can be tailored for each class: mage's bonus could be extra range, bard's could be bigger area covered by their buffs, increased movement speed, extra attacks, ... So long as the bonus is short and works with the theme for its archetype.

    It's like managing combo points or rage, but in an easier, almost passive way.
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    I think every class should have a unique mechanic. It doesn't have to be a resource. Rogues could have target-based Combo points or poison stacks, although that's been done to death in other games.

    The ranger specifically does not seem to have one? Although that may be because the reveal was a ranged attack reveal. Similar to the melee attack reveal not really being a "Fighter" class reveal even though the class was a fighter.

    Not shown in the tank reveal was "stamina" or whatever resource is used for active block. Which I think every class can use in some way to parry/dodge/block

    Every class having mana as a base resource and stamina as a defensive resource plays into the Bard having regen songs.
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    Bards would use mojo :D
    This link may help you:
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    SolvrynSolvryn Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Who knows, but Steven said we're getting them.
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