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The Tank and Ideas On How it Could Be Made Viable in PvP

KamillienKamillien Member
edited January 2023 in General Discussion
*moved to feedback thread*


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    If anything I felt like the current "tank" was literally a pvp machine rather than a pve one. No real threat generation, no proper taunts (and Steven on discord said that taunts will come on later lvls, which I consider to be asinine) and pretty much all of his abilities were either CC or dmg. Grit and forcefield were there of course, but those are just general tools that are good both in pve and pvp.
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    To make it viable in pvp while preserving some of the theme of being a tank, I'd like to see the 'taunt' ability actually force the target player to target you. Their target UI would be locked onto you for 5 seconds perhaps. During that time, they cannot change or clear their target. This works great to buy some time for your squishier teammates to get a much needed heal during battle. Offensively, it could be used on an enemy healer to keep them from healing their own teammates for those 5 seconds as they'd now be targeting you.
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