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Tank showcase basic attack vs cleric showcase basic attack

Looks like nobody is talking about it, but to me, the coparison between the shown weapon attacks are night an day.

Especially the mace and staff's basic attacks are very nice, realistic, not flashy or cartoony animations. In comparision, the one hand hammer animations in the tank video to me tooked too....I dont know cartoony, "asian style".

The weapons itself are also feels like coming from a different universe. In the cleric video they were realistic. In the tank video I felt like Im watching a hammer, how a 3 year old would imagine it.

Maybe they changed art design in the meantime? Or we see the results of 2 different animators' work?

I don't know, but personally I much better like the stuffs we saw on the cleric video. What do you guys think?

I think in this topic the best way is to follow for example the "witcher 3 way": do nice, but realistic weapons and animations.


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    Gui10Gui10 Member
    edited February 2023
    A few people talked about it actually! (many people, I would even say). But so many thread are created here that it's hard to keep track ;)

    I made a post about how I liked the new animations.

    And you have to keep in mind the mace for the cleric was clearly more of a starter weapon, and the mace for the tank was clearly a mid-level weapon.

    For my taste personally, weapons like in WoW or Dark Souls are too much. specially armor in WoW, way too cartoony and huge. But I wouldnt like it either if it was "100% realistic". If you have ever held a 2h sword, or worn metal armor, you know anything that goes on in 99% of medieval video games makes no sense. You cant run more than 20 seconds in such a kit, and it takes everything you have just to lift of the sword, let alone swing it, "droping it down" is more accurate.

    So I am for a balance between "too big and extravagant" and"realistic". For the moment, I dont see an issue with what has been presented.
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