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Tank/Tank (Guardian)

What are people's hopes for the Guardian?

I know people love to tank. What are you looking to do as a Guardian? Have more health, better armor resistance, have additional interrupts as the enemy wails on you?

It has been a discussion among several of the stream communities. My biggest worry is that the Guardians become dps gods as well. Should a Guardian be able to pump large amounts of damage as well? Or should it be moreso that they are just hard to take down as they block, enrage, etc and take insane amounts of damage? Thoughts?!


  • If Guardian is a solid DPS dealer, in order to tank, I'll play one. I expect Guardian to be the hardest class to play, take the most engagement and playtime focused on gearing, and be the most crucial to the success of a raid. If your tank doesn't pass the stats/geartest you don't win. They should have the Highest Hp/AC/Mitigation, and Probably be overkill from a tanking perspective for 90% of group content, where higher dps tanks will be the meta, because having a Heavy defensive tank, who can't dish out, slows down kill time.

    I hope swapping to near fighter dps is as easy as equipping a 2 hander and going berzerk. Otherwise solid raid tanks will be hard to find. No'one wants to put the work needed into gearing a tank for top end content, if they can't be useful to groups because they are slowing you down. The people who gravitate to this playstyle want to work their asses off for it, but they also want to be rewarded for doing so. I know most non tanks hate this, but it is the way.

    Alternative 1: Tank is easy to play, easy to gear and everything is handed to you-> Disengages people that want to tank. If it's not hard to do, why do it?

    Alternative 2: Tanking is easy, Heavy tanks aren't really needed to beat world bosses-> No'one plays them because they aren't optimal. Raids become a zergfest/dps race. This might actually work in a PvP game, but it will be alot less engaging for the PvE crowd, and your PvX game becomes just another PvP Zerg, with a much lower population.
  • High amounts of CC/taunts, strongest armor and defensive capabilities, slow as molasses, low damage with high aggro multipliers.

    Decent AoE.
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  • Abilities like being able to build deploy a wall that only your team can shoot through, dmg mitigation abilities, CC abilities like slows, taunts, stuns, roots and disarms. I want to be provide use through disruption. Look at League of Legends, Ornn. He can do some damage, but his use really applies from his ability to completely control multiple enemies. Same concept except more depth, more overall possibilities.
  • SjeldenSjelden Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    WeGbored wrote: »
    High amounts of CC/taunts, strongest armor and defensive capabilities, slow as molasses, low damage with high aggro multipliers.

    Decent AoE.

    If you add a massive bonus to block, as well as team protection abilites, I completely agree with your list.
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