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NPC Factions.

Whilst bouncing around the Ashes Of Creation Wiki I came across the mob list. There are currently 36 listed "Types". The list is a bit of a mix of flora/fauna elements and NPC "Factions".

I really like the idea of Mobs being centered around specific factions. Allowing for the exploration of a specific type of theme, but also creating a design language that provides a sense of cohesion for different NPCs.

From what we have seen so far, we can expect to see Minotaurs, Cultists, Demons, Dragons, Druids, Goblems, Njash, Sladeborne, The Ancients, Treants, Trolls, and Goblins as enemy "Factions" with different types of Mob under each of those banners.

Each of those listed has significant scope for potential development. Would you like to more NPC Factions or would you prefer to see more mob "Types" under those banners?

What different NPC factions would you like to see? Or what current NPC Faction would you like to see developed more?

I hope the Undead continue to see TLC. Zombies and Skeletons are cool, but it would be nice to see ghosts, ghouls, vampires, headless horsemen, scarecrows and more of the unique creatures like the Gravestone Golum. Also Zombie versions of existing mobs. Maybe add a "Zombification" mod onto the character creator for developers to make zombie versions of player races. Mummified versions of Aela Humans, Dunzenkell Dwarves, Kaivek Orks and Pyrian Elves. The undead are a staple across Fantasy games, I hope Ashes puts its stamp on them.

As for suggestions. I think a water-based NPC Faction is almost a given. Perhaps Mermaids, but I'd like to see Shark people! Or just an aquatic race inspired by different sea creatures. Genies for the dunes would be nice to see. I do think that it is important for world-building for certain NPC factions to be fairly regionalized. Having a few "primary antagonists" in a region/biome really gives it flavour.


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    WHIT3ROS3 wrote: »
    Would you like to more NPC Factions or would you prefer to see more mob "Types" under those banners?
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