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Just wanted to drop in and say hi ;). After the journey of major storms and other ugly weathers through MMOs that brought me joy, stress but ultimately disappointment, I am here hoping that it's a place where I can anchor down and feel at home. Looking forward to meeting like-minded fwends!

Wishing the best of luck to the Dev Team! <3.


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    Welcome to the forums! If you haven’t already and Discord is your thing, then you should drop by the discord channel:

    Again, welcome to the community mate!
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    Welcome Totoro!
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    Hi & WCM @Totoro!!!!
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    Ahoi and welcome to the save haven of Ashes,

    <places the makeshifttable to serve some tea>
    Have some tea, relax and watch the stormy weather out there from our sweet vantage point. Giggle about those waves ebbing away into forgotten memory while we await the arrival of our mothership to sail us away into new grounds.
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    Haia Totoro! Welcome to the forums! Everyone has already given you links I see xP Anyways, I hope you enjoy your stay :DD I'll see you around :D
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