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I LOVED the new UI livestream. I took the opportunity to make some UI concepts for Portraits!

Hello citizens of Verra!

I made some UI concepts based on some of the recent livestreams. I am a person who loves character creation (and the Ashes creator is WONDERFUL). I noticed in recent UI that we don't have player portraits in our unit frames, so I took some time recently to work on this personal project.

Firstly, back in January, I made these Unit Frames including character portraits. After the February livestream, I got to see some higher resolution images, so I have some updates to make to these (namely the filigree and the Class iconography). But here's the mockup from January!

Then, over the last several weeks, I've been working on this concept for a Portrait Editor. Something I love to do in MMO's is to noodle on how my characters represent themselves in group content using tools like Transmog, Titles, Cosmetics, etc. I'm a tinkerer, for sure, so I made this concept to give players a way to get their portraits to reflect the personality of their characters.


Here's a quick GIF showing the process of making it. I'm working on finishing up the full Case Study, which I'll release over the next couple of weeks. UI usually starts off with some ugly, simple sketches (that you want to test and throw away), then after getting feedback, you work your way up to some high fidelity mocks and prototypes, testing and iterating as you go. I've got a video coming soon of the prototype in action to help convey the intent a little better.

If you'd like to follow the project, I'll be sending updates to my Behance as well as on the Forums, Reddit, and Discord (the more feedback the better!)

Thank you all!


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