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General thoughts/excitement towards trade and crafting?

A significant amount of what I'm excited about for the game is to do with the amount of focus there seems to be on economic interaction between players, certainly more so than just a global market.

Ideally in game I would hope there to be some guilds that are focused on crafting and trading with other areas, perhaps making use of economic nodes, lobbying guild leaders for mayor, controlling caravan routes, enlisting members from all three areas of artisanship etc.

Essentially the purpose of the discussion is to gauge how much interest there is for anyone else in this type of gameplay, (not for any specific organisation or anything just generally) and how viable it could be. Do people think it would work, do people think it could be reasonably profitable, anything like that.


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    SongcallerSongcaller Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I think it will take initial investment but end up profitable yeah. Might want to be in an Economic Node for the market access. Economic Node on the coast would be even better.
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    Crafting most likely follow Star Wars Galaxies style, which is phenomenal, it is the best system for small scale crafting!

    Realistically, it is too soon having an idea about how economy will go, at this point.
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    I absolutely agree that there is a place for artisan guilds in the game, especially the information network a guild would have to offer seems to me like a huge asset to people who seek to establish an economic empire with enough goods flowing in and around for them to push their artisan skills.

    While I probably wouldn't be too crazy about focusing on artisan skills myself, I'd love to play as a sword-for-hire, protecting caravans going from Node to Node
    The answer is probably >>> HERE <<<
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