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Office Hours: User Interface (UI) Discussion - Thursday, March 16, 2023 at 11AM PST

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Join @Roshen and @Vaknar over in the Ashes of Creation Discord for a voice chat during our next Community Office Hours on Thursday, March 16, 2023 at 11AM PST (Convert to your local time). This event should last about one hour.

For this session, we will be using Discord Stage. Every 8 minutes, we’ll be bringing up small groups of players.


User Interface (UI), based on what we shared during the February 2023 Development Update Livestream, will be our main focus this time. The forum feedback thread for this topic is here.

In this session, we’ll break each of the 8 minute segments up to focus on one of these conversations:
  • General UI Discussion - How do you feel about the direction the UI is taking, based on what we shared during the February Development Update? What do you have strong opinions on? Example: I want to see _______ in my quest journal
    1. Note: You can see higher resolution images of all of the UI work-in-progress images we shared during this Livestream at the bottom of the article here.
  • UI Discussion From Current Games - What games do you think have a good user interface? What made their UI great? What games have bad UI, and what makes that bad in your opinion?
  • Non-Game Related User Interface - Games aren’t the only place to get inspiration for menus. Things like video streaming services, your smart phone, and a variety of other products have good and bad user flows. What products have UIs you like, and what non-game UIs frustrated you?
  • Features Historically in Addons - Ashes of Creation doesn’t plan to have addons, and we want our UI customization options to offer the functionality players need. How do addons from other games improve your gameplay experience?
  • Is There Such Thing As Too Much Customization? - What concerns do you have with UI customization options? Do you think there’s such a thing as too much customization?

If you’d like to contribute to this discussion, we recommend you watch the “Development Update with UI Process & Progress” video, and/or check out the work-in-progress UI screenshots from this article, before this Community Office Hours session.

Thanks again! We look forward to chatting with you all soon!
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