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[EU] Black Templars PvX Casual & Hardcore

ZyklezZyklez Member
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Tag: [BT]
Play Types: Mixed
Time Zones: European Prime Time
Age Restriction: 18+

Who are we?

Originally formed for the game "Life is Feudal: MMO", we are now a multigaming clan consisting of veterans of the MMO genre looking for a new Adventure.

We think, work and fight as a unit and value teamplay, comradery and loyalty.

While we are ambitious and want to have success in the games that we play, we are still of the opinion that Real life comes first.

What is our goal?

To fight our way to the top, to be loved by our friends and to be feared by our enemies. We want to leave our footprint on the worlds we are in by being at the top of PvP & PvE and having a great time pursuing these goals.

Who should you be?

Have a working Microphone
Able to speak English

Contact Details:

DM me or join our Discord below


  • ZyklezZyklez Member
  • ZyklezZyklez Member
  • Hello and welcome to Ashes of Creation!
    I am Fufu. Nice to meet you!
    Imo, templars are strong and cool! I'll see you all in the beautiful world of Verra!

    Doki doki! <3
    Are you looking for an amazing community with lovely people? Join the Aurora Discord now and chat with us!
    We are recruiting!
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