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Let's Talk Journals

As the title suggests, I find the idea of a journal that is the story of a character much more interesting than just having a quest log. I also am interested in finding out how interactive the journal will be for our characters.

Will we be able to write notes in our journal?
What about inserting screenshots?

What games utilized a journal best in your opinion?
How would you like to see the journal utilized in AoC?


  • The Pathfinder games (WotR, KM) had pretty good journal systems. BG3 and Divinity Original Sin 2 as well.

    I would love for IS to take a look at these CRPG games and take some inspiration from them!
  • Good journals, were the journals we had a long time ago, when we had a piece of paper and a pencil on our side when we had to take notes on passwords, hints, puzzles, etc
  • tautautautau Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Each character will have its own 'Character Page' which you can use as a journal and tell the story of your toon's backstory and life in the game:
  • Yes
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