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Will mobs spawn randomly in different zones like biomes in minecraft. Or will they spawn in the same place like they do in other mmos?


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    I just think it would be much more real life like if monsters or animals in the world environment spawned randomly through out the zone there from rather than in the same place like they do in other mmos. Like in wow or other mmos if you kill a wolf for example, then all you have to do is wait a couple of minutes and another wolf will respawn in the same place. But it would much more real like if it was like say minecraft in survival mode, where mobs randomly spawn anywhere in the biome but always in random locations. But you can always find them in the biome there from.
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    There is a land management system which will register player interactions, so player can actualy destroy the fauna and flora.

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    tautautautau Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I think the environment impacts the creatures that spawn, so you won't have polar bears in the tropics or 'gators in the mountains. Also, the spawn tables will change whenever a node levels up or down. Dungeons will also change when that happens. Seasons will change what spawns, as might events. Possibly the players actions in nodes, such as building certain types of temples, will also have an impact, but I am not sure about that.
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    I honestly wouldn't mind every map to be set so that the enemies random spawn, but it may need to have specific parameters so that wolves don't spawn at their own tree 10 miles in a corner by themselves. Somewhere at least close to the other wolves considering wolves go in packs as well.

    I wouldn't mind them being spaced out more if it was in line with how the enemies would act. It's just not reasonable to set a quarter of the map as a biome and set every enemy to random spawn across the entire thing.

    I wouldn't mind more overlap for enemy types though. In other MMO's enemies rarely overlap their zones. That is kind of immersion breaking though. I wouldn't be opposed to sprinkling little patches of enemies over areas. Then you could make it look more natural when they overlap.

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