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will there regional pricing?

Kurai1234Kurai1234 Member
edited April 2023 in Support & FAQ
i understand ur gonna pay for servers in usd so it makes sense you wanna charge everyone with usd
im still gonna play if there isnt regional pricing but i still wanna there any chance for regional pricing?
the sub gonna cost 15$ monthly that equals to 288 lira as of now in where i live,and mmos like wow and eso is cheaper (wow is 150 a month and 600 for 6 months,
eso is 129 a month 655 for 6 months)
i can play the game but i dont know how will i convince my friends/or why would anybody in my country and countries like brazil and argentina would play your game while wow and eso sub is %50 cheaper


  • also sorry if this is wrong category it didnt let me post to another category for some reason lol
  • ShadonSolShadonSol Moderator, Member, Alpha One
    A harmonized sub will be offered to regions with weaker economies, but we don't know yet which countries will be part of that selection.
    Should you choose to pay the lower sub fees, you'll be locked to your regional server(s), otherwise you can play on every server, even those outside of your region.

    Feel free to create another post if you have any more questions!
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