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The artificial intelligence dilemma that universities are confronting is "Full-on robot writing."

Some claim that as AI develops, it will eventually be able to write academic articles. But when does the introduction of AI amount to fraud?

"As I wait for my next class to begin in front of the lecture hall, two students next to me are debating which AI programme will write their essays the best. Am I marking this correctly? essays on AI?

Carla Ionescu, a historian, captured the mounting worry about what artificial intelligence can mean for conventional university evaluation in a tweet she posted late last month. “No. Not possible, she tweeted. Tell me we haven't arrived yet.

But AI has long been pounding on the university's gate.
Ben Goertzel, a computer theorist, suggested the "robot university student test" in 2012, contending that an AI capable of earning a degree in the same manner as a person should be regarded as aware.

If it weren't for the achievements of AIs using natural language processing (NLP), most notably GPT-3, the language model developed by the OpenAi research lab, Goertzel's idea—an alternative to the more well-known "Turing test"—might have remained a thought experiment.

Nassim Dehouche, a computer scientist, presented a paper two years ago proving that GPT-3 could produce legitimate academic writing that was imperceptible to standard anti-plagiarism tools.

" found the output to be indistinguishable from an excellent undergraduate essay, both in terms of soundness and originality," Dehouche told Guardian Australia.


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