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Group Summon Idea

JeanPhilippeQCJeanPhilippeQC Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
edited April 2023 in General Discussion
What if a group of summoners can channel to summon a Molten, Clay, Electrified and a Frozen golem in a big PvP fight? I guess it’s planned but what about… a Blood golem?

Here is what it could be:
Maybe some very specific required conditions that make it rare? ,

The channelling for summoning takes longer than other golems,

More summoners required to start the ritual to summon it,

All summoners sacrifice 70% of the respective Health. This 70% can’t be healed until it’s destroyed,

Can’t group summon anything else until it’s alive,

1 Blood Golem by 500vs500, Castle siege, etc. can be summoned,

A huge cooldown to summon the Blood Golem again, maybe 1 month? Each implied summoner gets that cooldown.

Blood Golem is the strongest type you would summon. A bit stronger than other types but it must be not OP.
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