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I have questions about the ability to "theorycraft" builds. What plan do devs have?

Wanted to prompt this discussion, and I hope it makes its way to the team because there's a point I want to make:

I find build crafting to be one of my favorite parts of MMO's and the ability to swap playstyles for specific spells and abilities such as if I wanted to play any class or spec in a dps fashion, tank fashion, and maybe healers sprinkled in among classes. I think playing upon the individuality of players and allowing them to choose a playstyle with a look that is most aesthetically pleasing to them, for example, someone may just have 1 single favorite spell or combo to go for and build upon it even if it's just changing the animation of the spell in a way or the element or the utility.

What systems do you plan to have upon launch that promotes the theorycraft-ability of classes in the game? Is there a way to personalize the playstyle of classes rather than having 1 set role?
For WoW it was the talent builds and buffing specific parts of kits that gave your class a sense of ownership, while I hope you allow for more freedom of direction; I would love to see something of the sort to add depth into the class system.

(this is fully fueled by the one desire I've had in retail WoW to play Guardian Druid as a dps instead of being forced into tank role). Perhaps we can sacrifice utility for more damage?


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    NiKrNiKr Member
    I'm assuming you're like super super super new to the game, so I highly recommend just going through this whole site
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    tautautautau Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    While I am sure that some players will (rather too quickly) proclaim that they have the 'best' build for each class, I hope and expect that the 8x8 class combos, religions, node types, guild skills, augments, social organizations, gear variety, and spell choices will result in so many builds that:

    - there will be nothing like a 'best' build and many good ones
    - it is possible to come up with a potentially unique build for your character(s)
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