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Suggestion: World Tier Magic Spells

LukaiLuxLukaiLux Member
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Casting a World Tier Magic Spell that could turn the tides of a full blown siege would be a feat to remember. Of course, such powerful spells must come at a hefty cost. Throughout history, record of these Mythic Magics is scarce, and amongst them, successful castings are none but the musings of children. Will these ancient mysteries rise from the Ashes of forgotten lore once more?
World Tier Spell Requirements:
~ 13 High-Tier Mages with proper equipment
~ Procuring the Ancient Texts, then creating the scrolls needed for casting
~ Acquiring the casting consumables
~ Protecting all participating casters from interruptions/death till the Casting Ritual is complete

Spell Specifics
~ SSS tier consumables (Probably herbs, minerals, catalysts, or a mix of that nature)
~ Items may require processing by experienced alchemists
~ Participating casters may require a specially crafted gear piece for the spell (ex: An Obsidian Bloodstone Ring)

Casting The Spell
~ Casting Time is based on 'Stacks'. A World Spell activates when the required Stacks are completed
> > A 'Stack' refers to the completion of a 'Casting Mini-game', possibly drawing ancient scripts on screen (Keeps casting interactive for casters and gives enemies a breadth of time to disable the spell)
~ Due to the complicated nature of such powerful spells, casting requires precise Synchronization
> > x = completion of a 'Stack'
> > Stacks must be gained in 'Sync' ( x</=20 seconds of other participating casters, or the spell fizzles)
> > If all casters are in 'Sync' of x</=5, the spell receives a small effect boost (World Spells are as powerful as they are Complex)
> > If all casters are in 'Sync' of x</=1, the spell receives a Huge effect boost, and participants receive a Legendary achievement (Imagine how hard it would be for 13 players to complete dozens of stacks with less than a second difference in their stack completion speed amidst the pressures of the battlefield?)

By basing World Spell Casting on Mini-game Cast-Mechanics, the rate at which a Group spell is activated can decrease based on the Skill Proficiency of the participating players, while also making human error more impactful.

Canceling The Spell
~ If a caster is interrupted or dies, the spell fizzles
~ If a participating caster fails the synchronization requirement, the spell fizzles
~ If a participating caster's required equipment breaks, the spell fizzles (Stacks count as using magic, and impact gear wear & tear accordingly)
> The amount of resources wasted is based on time of casting, with less resources returned the longer the casting has progressed, as they are converted to magic throughout the casting process

World Tier Magics could have deadly consequences if cast improperly (or successfully, depending on yer goal)
Note: Lukai's Emporium is not responsible for deaths or damages resulting in use of bought or stolen goods

Final Notes
World Spells vary in type, from offense, defense, healing, resurrection, buffing, summoning, etc
It is strongly recommended for any casters attempting a World Tier Spell to study the ancient texts beforehand, and become familiar with the scripts of each Stack.
If you've read this far, please share your thoughts below~

Edit: Another idea, is insignia on a book or name on a damaged binding of an ancient text could belong to a Malicious Being in Lore, where the spell promises great rewards even for a World Tier Spell, but instead sacrifices the casters lives on completion and summons the resurrected form of the Malicious Being who wrote it. If the casters had only recognized the insignia, maybe they'd've sold it to their enemies instead...


  • CawwCaww Member
    not really liking this.... it almost negates the efforts of many, many players involved in these sieges to make a difference and their individual struggles
  • BirthdayBirthday Member
    I like this idea because it adds another layer of strategy to sieges. It makes it so you gotta have spies so you know if the other node's resources. If they are capable of doing these spells.

    However the requirements should indeed be extremely costly. Enough so that if they do this they can turn the tide however at the same time make all their nodes extremely vulnerable to attacks due to depleted resources.

    So basically it needs to have a huge trade-off.

    Also I don't think it should be limited only to the mage class. Every class should be able to do that with different effects.
    So for example rogues should be able to cast something like a World Tier ability which doesn't turn the tide of the siege but they are able to get inside the node's treasury and steal lots of resources and get out.
    Warriors' world tier ability could be to make an all-together unstoppable charge which breaks down the gates of the node instantly and they are suddenly all inside the node, ready to pillage/climb the walls and kill the ranged which are on top.(This obviously has a large tradeoff because they are also suddenly all alone inside the node's courtyard. So they could be just surrounded and dead but still at least they've broken down the gates. Good enough.
    Clerics could have an AoE overtime heal + soft CC across the whole siege. This again comes at an obvious trade off because they need to be channeling this the whole time and thus they are vulnerable to assassins.

    Overall I like this idea but like I said it needs to be really well thought through so that these world tier siege abilities have big trade-offs.
  • FantmxFantmx Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    There is the possibility of a group summons so something like this could be possible.
  • szelesbtszelesbt Member
    Sounds epic, dsnt sound douable-balanced.
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