Kaelar CLERIC fan art

WuqingYeWuqingYe Member
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She's tired of people standing in the raid boss's fire. Please stop - she's tired.
(Chinese characters mean “high priest”)

ARCHETYPE SERIES --> Vek roguePy'rai rangerDunir tank │ Kaelar cleric │Nikua summonerEmpyrean mageRen'kai fighter │up next ... Vaelune bard!!



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    AariciaAaricia Member
    edited May 2023
    I can't wait to stand in the fire just to see this expression.

    Gorgeous work! I love her nails and those gems are beautiful.
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    @Aaricia lol thank you!! Characters with finer, fancy details are always my favorite to draw! The gems are a modified brush that I got in CSP's brush center :D people make their own brushes and sell them on there - makes projects go by a lot faster!
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