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"Hello Ashes of Creation developers, I'm a big fan of your game and I'm really excited to play it when it's released. I was wondering if it will be possible to become a journalist in the game and have control over the game's information and politics. I think it would be a really interesting way to engage with the game world and create some unique content. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you."


  • KuchiraKuchira Member
    "Hello Ashes of Creation developers, I have another question about the game. Will it be possible for villains to have their own kingdoms in a style of a mercenary guild with a kingdom, where only the strongest will hold the throne of the capital with their subordinates? I think it would be a really interesting concept to explore and would add a lot of depth to the game. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you."
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    Journalist/Information control:

    As far as I am aware there is nothing planned in the way of information control for Ashes. Especially since that would require the developers take control of information over any information flow, even outside of the game, which is impossible.

    With that being said, nobody will stop you in creating a community like a forum (much like this) and spin a narrative from your perspective and have your allies then spread information in line with that narrative ingame.

    Villain roleplay:

    The Wiki has an entry on Castle Nodes, which are basically small independent kingdoms. These are in total 5 highly contested locations in the world which will be governed by one guild only. Each has 3 smaller Nodes they can control attached to them and in theory those would be suitable objectives for a war clan to occupy. We have yet to find out the exact locations of those castle however.

    The second entry I will mention is the one about Military Nodes. These will according to the lasted data available be governed by the strongest gladiator in an arena battle. In Nodes of a higher tier (4 and up) there will also be the opportunity to establish your guild as a patron guild of that Node, which will provide members of the guild with extra benefits and additional opportunities in regards to guild progression. To become a patron guild you must be a primary contributor to that Nodes progress which should include mercenary type of content, like escorting caravans, attacking caravans from enemy Nodes and such.
    The answer is probably >>> HERE <<<
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