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What do you think the final 3 gods will be?

The Only 2 major things i could think of for gods to be was a nature god and God of the Seas what do you guys think? let me know down below!
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  • Would have to look through the previous monthly cosmetics - but I swear they've made very light mention of at least one of the other gods, therein. They already clue us into some of the sub-factions/groups that will exist in the game's lore, such as the Verdant Keeper organization.

    Would be nice to have a list of them in-full, but SS has directly addressed a couple of my questions in the monthly Q&A's relating to Religion and the gods. It's clear from his responses that this is largely content he only wants us to discover and experience for the first-time while in-game. (/Support!)

    For the dark gods? Well, there's probably a God of Death and God of Hate/Anger. Hela from Thor: Ragnarok comes to mind.

  • AzheraeAzherae Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Final three of the Seven (because we know five of those, six depending on Word of Steven relative to Tatzelwyrm) or do we mean the Other Three?

    Obviously they could be anything but I'm sure this thread is supposed to be speculation so:

    The Gods so far all seem to be ExtraTerran, they do not have any need for a World to exist for their Concept to exist, and their ability to make and destroy Worlds is similar, so I'd expect the same sorts of things (Yes, Dragons are a Reality Concept fight me).

    So I wouldn't expect a God of the Sea or of Nature, but rather a God of 'Time', which would be moreso the God of Progression, Forward change, and Causality. This could be dodged because there's a Goddess of Fate though.

    Alternately a God of 'Music' which is always good in these games, moreso a God of 'Resonance', 'Song', or what have you, a 'Patterns' one, which is definitely separate enough from Fate.

    As for the Other three:

    We could get some simplistic stuff like 'Hate', 'Despair', 'Destruction'. Easy but a bit bland. Simple to relate to 'why these ones went rogue'. These concepts might be folded into their 'opposites' though, and personally I'd prefer that based on other stories I've experienced.

    We could get concepts like Balance, Judgement, and Dreams, but these don't quite fit the 'Type' of Gods we've seen so far. It's still pretty easy to infer good reasons for animosity/natural enmity between this set and the other Seven, though, and they're more or less equally 'Conceptual'.

    And of course we could get things like Greed, Chaos, War/Strife, which are 'conceptually not innately negative things' but enough people would grasp why they would be opposed to The Seven, but that would always risk the whole 'People supporting these because they think there are good aspects to these things even in the extreme form that a God might embody'.

    And of course the main real options are 'Boots', 'DPS Meters' and 'Cake', with the last of the Seven being the God of Sandals.
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  • NeurathNeurath Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
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  • "The Gods in Ashes of Creation represent different aspects of the Universe, and feelings as well.[10]

    Goddess of Love.[10]
    Goddess of Creation.[11][10][12]
    The Phoenix is the celestial avatar of the Goddess of Creation.[13]
    Goddess of Fate (Norlan).[12][14]
    God of Hope (Resna).[15]
    God of Truth (Shol).[16]

    The sphere of influence of the three "Other" gods has not yet been revealed.[6]

    Each god... has a specific realm that they relate to in the world and its creation.[2] – Steven Sharif

    It's that bit at the end, the "has a specific realm that they relate to in the world and its creation" that gets me wondering.

    I like the 'Time' idea mentioned above.
    Death isn't an intrinsically bad thing, so it wouldn't surprise me too much if 'Death' was one of The Seven.
    Then there's stuff like 'Joy', 'Wisdom', 'Heroism', etc, that are a possibility, albeit possibly linked in with some of the already existing ones.
    This link may help you:
  • KilionKilion Member
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    So we know some of the Gods already as davey has already pointed out, and how some of them relate to the races on Verra.

    Shol is associated with the Elves
    Resan is associated with the Humans
    Norlan is associated with the Orcs
    One presumably unknown God would be the one associated with the Dwarves.

    The Goddess of Love and of Creation are not directly linked to a specific race but in all likelihood play an important role in all divine races history. For example for those who return to Verra, those individuals receive a "spark of life" from the Goddess of Creation that allows us as players to respawn after death.

    So we are missing a "Dwarven God", a general "good God" and the identity of the Others.
    • From the 3-word-motto that every race has, I would speculate that the Dwarven God will be a God of Courage/Fortitude.
    • Seeing how "Love" can be seen the strongest Form of social connection, therefore this field being covered and the Goddess of Creation having gifted the divine races with the spark of life - I think there is a good chance that the last "general" God is one of Adventure/Curiosity or "Ways" as we will have to navigate through a new world, the dangers of power as we could also fall for corruption and we have constellations with a quite prominent positions in the world
    • The Others didn't start out as inherently evil it seems. Therefore I would expect them to be - formerly - Gods of a neutral domain, which tilted towards its worst, most destructive meaning during the war. Hence I see a good chance of them being The God of Conflict/Competition, The God of Change/Transformation and the God of Knowledge/Secrets. But after they became The Others they would have probably turned more into War/Revenge, Mutation/Distortion, Illusion/Lies, creating empty husks with no original thought, blinded by The Others to do their bidding.

    Of course there is the possibility that the Others have been more sinister aspects from the start but that would raise the question why they were part of the pantheon before the creation of the Ancients. It would be far more interesting (imo) to have them be formerly "normal" Gods that decided to turn evil over the question of what to do with the Ancients, as it would give cultist factions a far more believable but also tragic depth in terms of lore. They could have been corrupted because they ignored the old stories of these gods truly falling for the darkness and this initially "small" error spirals out of control as the Ancients and Others turn them bit by bit into more puppets. Also it would give us great locations to check out, ruined temples of the three Gods that have long ceased to exist and now walk the plains as twisted versions of their former self.

    That way we would get a clear "good" and "evil" faction without missing out on the "grey" questions like where to draw the line before one falls.
    The answer is probably >>> HERE <<<
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