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[SUGGESTION] Pop Up Events: NPC Fighting each other

I know that pop up events are a thing but for some of those events are npcs battling each other possible? or been considered? if not i think it should it would make verra seem more alive
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  • NiKrNiKr Member
    Yeah, I hope we get some mob on mob action.
  • CadrorCadror Member
    Another could be a random NPC saying they were accosted by a flying shield, and the Player volunteers to go to the spot in order to check for evidence. How the conversation with the NPC goes will decide if the Players finds any or not.
  • NiKr wrote: »
    Yeah, I hope we get some mob on mob action.

    You normally have to pay extra for that kind of action.
    This link may help you:
  • CadrorCadror Member
    Concerning the flying shield idea, i don't advocate that a whole UFO needs to appear, just any traces of landing gear or occupants on the ground.
  • CadrorCadror Member
    There's also the question of what should happen if two boss mobs get too close to each other when there's no adventurers in range.
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