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Suggestions for Summoner, skills and gameplay from a veteran MMORPG player



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    VaknarVaknar Moderator, Member, Staff
    Many of the things you suggested such as permanent summons, multiple summons (you will be able to summon 1-3 permanent depending on build), and useful abilities on summons among other suggestions are already set. I think you should read the known information on summoners:
    and then you should probably rewrite your post to focus on aspects that are not already going in the game.

    Also, the expected # of skills are:
    "The maximum number of skills a player can have on their action bar will be around 15-20"
    Each archetype will have roughly 35-40 skills to choose from on average."
    More info at:

    The wiki houses a plethora of information regarding Ashes of Creation! There, you can learn much about what has been said regarding things such as the Summoner, or Skills, as @FuryBladeborne mentioned! <3
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    SpifSpif Member
    I expect that the base summoner will have several "base" summons: healer, tank, rdps, mdps. Also some pet support spells and attacks. There's 25 levels to get through before picking a secondary archetype. And while the roles (and looks) of your pets will experience a huge shift depending on which class the augments come from, I don't think the summon mechanics or basic identity of the summoner should. And the summoner/summoner still has to be a cohesive class. Even if they have to go with a summoner/summoner summoning summons that summon other summons

    But in the end, what makes or breaks a pet class is the pet controls and UI for them.
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    Sorry in advance for Google translate.

    There are 8 summoner classes in the game. Mixed classes can be made more standard - summoning: skeleton, bear, falcon, elemental, golem and others. But for summoner + summoner, I would like a more in-depth summoning mechanic.
    I'll try to write my dream about the summoner class.
    Each of your summons is located in a sphere in your inventory (such as Pokemon) and takes up 1 slot (based on the strength of the summon, it can take up more space). You grow every summon from scratch, in the process choosing the characteristics and skills necessary for its role. The game features livestock farming, and summoners will be able to engage in eugenics in an attempt to create better fighting creatures. I would also like chimerology in the game (create your own sphinxes, endowing the creatures with necessary and useful skills).
    By upgrading your summons, you can eventually choose ultimate abilities.

    For example.
    You have a firefly for treatment. When leveled up, he gains the ability to resurrect. But when using this ability, the firefly dies.

    And the most important thing. When your creatures die, they are sent to rebirth with a cooldown. Depending on the level and strength of the summon, the cooldown can be from several hours to several days, weeks, and maybe even months. During cooldown, you cannot remove the sphere from your inventory.

    For example.

    You have 50 slots in your inventory.
    You take 50 spheres for siege and all the creatures from them die during this siege. During cooldown, 50 cells in your inventory are dead.
    In the process of increasing your level, you will be able to pump up summon points, which affect the number of simultaneously summoned creatures (10 wolves or 3 strong golems or 1 dragon. You can only summon wolves in a day, golems in 5, and a dragon in 15).

    After leveling up your creatures, summoner + summoner will be his own squad. And a tank, and a healer, and a damage dealer.
    This summoner class will turn out to be stronger than all the others, but having lost all the creatures it will become the weakest. And it can be balanced by the time it takes to restore its calls.

    As a result:
    You are strong. You are the army.
    You have lost all creatures, they are in cooldown. You are the weakest of all classes.
    Not everyone will want to increase levels, not only for their hero, but also for 30-50 creatures. Others will be able to choose from the remaining 7 hybrid summoner classes.
    There are 5 permanent summons in the team, they will take experience like 5 additional players. Therefore, not everyone will want to recruit many of these summoners into their team. This class is more suitable for solo players.
    Cooldown of the rebirth of creatures, it is quite possible to balance this class by adjusting the time to the summon's power.
    This kind of summoner would be interesting.
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