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nvidia dlss3 question

VekoKravaVekoKrava Member
edited June 2023 in General Discussion
I see that Throne and Liberty is already optimizing for nvidia dlss3 boost for 40 series graphic cards. I wonder will AoC have same thing? Did anyone read or hear anything about that? I would appreciate to put answer if you heard something. I tried googling it, but I found nothing.

Edit: Why I am asking is because I am afraid my 4060 8gb gpu, i5 12500h cpu and 16gig ram won't handle AoC or any newer games. I already see some fps problems from games released in 2021 like the moba called predecessor. It drops often to 30 fps in teamfights and I wonder how much it will drop in open world raids like MMO game. My desktop 2060 6gb with amd ryzen 5 3500x performed better in that moba game, even though it is computer from 2019. My laptop works with 40w up to 75w when it needs to process more information, out of full 115w. I think that is the problem here what I am experiencing.


  • LinikerLiniker Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    "we are always looking into new technologies" will be the answer for this
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  • NerrorNerror Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited June 2023
    My assumption is that Ashes will function almost the same as other UE5 titles when it comes to graphics settings. Including DLSS3 support. I am not sure if the massively multiplayer part of things changes the equation though. Assuming we get 500v500 battles, I am not sure the AI frame generation in DLSS3 is a good thing, because it's predictive and not real frames based on actual player movement. Maybe that somehow breaks the AI because there are too many randomly moving players? I don't know though, and maybe it's awesome. It certainly helps that the game isn't pure aim-based action style, so it's not required to show pixels exactly where they are supposed to be to hit the target.
  • prymortalprymortal Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited June 2023
    A clear lack of knowlege on the topic? DLSS "3" & "2" comes with the DLSS when you install it for your project. So if they do the simple install of DLSS it'll have both. Which they have no reason not to install it & many to install it.
    I'd be more worried about CPU & GPU Niagara & certain aspects of Unreal Engine that don't load at under medium settings on top of texture size overall & if the assets are nanite or LOD0-5 e.t.c. as that will affect you Far more. ;) Oh & WPO with foliage not being optimized.
  • CawwCaww Member
    I want an AMD flagship gpu for launch so I hope compatibility will not be affected but I haven't researched that yet since we are several years from formal launch.
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