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Cape clipping through shoulderpads and leg armor

Although graphics are far from being the most important thing in a game, it's still very relevant, especially when you position yourself as a "next gen" game.

Cape clipping through armor has almost always been a thing. I wish it would not. Can it be fixed? Do you care about it?

To me, it feels like one of the few attention to detail things that hasnt been worked out yet, like in many games.

It would add something to the overall quality of AoC imho! Just bringing this to light in case it went over the devs head's considering all their other projects going on!



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    LinikerLiniker Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Ashes of Creation won't be a next gen game, and this was never a goal, they have decent graphics but performance and optimization is the priority, other MMOs with instanced content and lower player count will have better visuals, and Ashes won't come close to the level of visual or details that games like Red Dead Redemption 2 have

    so yea, clipping will be a thing in AoC and every other mmorpg for the next 10 years
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    NiKrNiKr Member
    If my cape not clipping takes off 3 fps - I don't want it. And I'd imagine that tracking fabric physics across the entire cape (applied on all capes around me) would take up some pc resources. Games are still just games, so I'd rather have good gameplay than some perfectly looking visuals.
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    NoaaniNoaani Member, Intrepid Pack
    If given the option, I'd have capes turned off

    They just look stupid.
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    pyrealpyreal Member, Warrior of Old
    Capes are cool.
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    hleVhleV Member
    edited June 2023
    I suppose every gear piece could have size/dimension parameters. Cape's position then would depend on those values. If we get visible weapons on the back (I really hope we do), they could also use it.

    If the cape animations are very dynamic and not just some presets for different moving directions/types, then it wouldn't solve all the clipping, but it would be good enough for me.
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    Capes are cool. Clipping is an issue that will just have to be worked on and improved over time. In an ideal world cloth physics would be perfect and performance would be fine on a range of comp-powers. That isn't the reality in which we live at the moment.
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    CawwCaww Member
    Clipping ruins the vibe you're trying to achieve on your toon but seems to be something we have to accept, given how common the problem still is.
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    Animating cloth physics and having it interact with every possible polygon of every armor in the game in an MMO designed for 500 players on screen at a time is a big ask. Remember, this is an MMO and it will NEVER be able to live up to graphical standards of an equivalent next-gen single player game...or even lobby based multiplayer games for that matter. I'll take whatever graphical nuggets they can give us, but I'm more concerned with good gameplay and features.

    Also, I know there's been some other MMO teasers recently with amazing fidelity, but remember those are just teasers. Often times the thing people get their hands on is nothing like what's shown initially. What Ashes of Creation shows us every month is very realistic to what we will actually be playing.
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