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80% open 20% instances. How?

Steven keeps saying that the games is 80% world and PvP can happen.
My question is what’s the plan for the 20% instanced content? Will it be dungeons you can reach after a long World event happens? Like the blood tower? When’re you have to complete content for advancing the storybook of that event and when it’s all over will there be some private PvE instanced dungeon for your 4-8 man group to do? Can’t remember group size off the top of my head.

It this the type lol instanced content he means? The world quest is no unique and interesting that I believe Intrepid could form some awesome limited time dungeons to tell a story in. It’s the biggest thing I’ve seen at intrepid that excites me. The working in of active storytelling.

Rift did this very well where you ran a dungeon and each dungeon was story driven. A highly under rated game. Could have been so much more with its souls system based off 4 archetypes. I loved my rouge tank. Most unique tank I’ve ever played to this day. Gamego killed it liked always.glad to see AOC taking support seriously. It and cc has been pushed to the side for to long.

Anyway I’m curious


  • NiKrNiKr Member
    We don't really know cause we haven't gotten any new info about instances. We know that it's supposed to be story-related, non-grindable (and potentially non-repeatable) and wouldn't provide BiS gear.

    The blood tower didn't seem to be instanced and I'd assume Steven woulda said otherwise if it was.
  • I would really like to see a few solo/small group instanced dungeons that you could grind for some XP and specific rewards. (Like having instanced solo dungeons that spawn within a Nodes ZOI if it reaches a certain stage you could grind for a pet, decorative item, mount or cosmetic)

    Maybe tie them thematically to a Biome so that a certain type of solo dungeon would spawn. You could even have types that you enter and it would automatically flag you (and anyone else that entered the instanced dungeon) for some close-quarter, dungeon-crawling PvP action over loot)

    I put together a couple of infographics to show some ideas I had surrounding Instanced Dungeon content. I really think having dynamically spawning entrances (or portals) out in the open world, would add a lot of content to generalized world roaming.

    You could have the Portals match the rarity of the Nodes ZOI's that you are in. A Wilderness Node would spawn "Poor" quality instanced dungeons, an Encampment would spawn Common quality dungeons and Village = Uncommon, Town = Rare, City = Epic, Metropolis = Legendary.

    Each rarity level would unlock a stage within the dungeon. (So when you are designing it you start with a full 6-stage legendary Dungeon and then divide it up into 6 stages. A Poor level Dungeon would only be 1 stage, Common = 2 and so on)

    Ideally, you could make maybe 3 variations of each stage, which would then be randomly selected when a player enters a portal. Meaning a Legendary Dungeon would be made up of a total of 6 stages with each stage having 3 different options.


    You could add new dungeons on a semi-regular basis. Providing opening world spawning content, PvE experiences as well as potentially cool 1v1/small scale environments for PvP. Some Instanced Dungeon ideas for fun.


    I don't know if these images are legible, might be small. Maybe can zoom? :/

  • George_BlackGeorge_Black Member, Intrepid Pack
    What do you mean how? What's there not to get?

    Leveling, gathering, raiding pvping will all happen in the open world. That's it. No queques and teleports into a scripted dungeon run. No instances, no sharding, no safe zones beyond towns.

    There will be a number of typical, scripted dungeons with the typical boss fights from w0w tera eso ff14 etc etc, that most likely will be Quest related and that's your "20%" content that's instanced.
  • Instanced content means dungeons or other parts of the game where multiple people can experience the same content in their own private instance, without interference from other players outside your party. That makes up 20% of the content. The remaining 80% is all content you explore and complete in the open world alongside every other player.
  • KilionKilion Member
    The Wiki already contains an entry on instanced content and it seems like there are culture, class and story based instanced areas planned. If I read the entry correctly, battlefields of a siege might also count as an instance because they cannot be entered freely.

    So I'd say read through that, maybe it already answers all your questions.

    My hope would be that despite being 80% open world we will see Node based entry restrictions, that would also deny the brainless guide based min maxing. If there are countless of small caves or rare mobs only accessible if specific Nodes reach a certain level and it has to be a certain season and/or time of day, it becomes pretty difficult to just read a guide and find all of those. Why am I telling you this? Because I think that while we might have 80% open world content, I think it might be the case that we will see more information restriction about content rather than permanent player number restrictions to achieve a similar goal.
    The answer is probably >>> HERE <<<
  • Yeah, you tell people that it’s the content is laid out in an 80% open and 20% and they start crying saying everything is in the open world. I’m not the person who said it, lol. Devs did and we’ve only gotten a few words about it. Ty 4 replies.
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