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Hunting(taming) Questions/Ideas

I was just browsing through the AOC hunting page (link) and I was curious about the available information regarding actual hunting compared to taming. Are there plans to incorporate hunting and stalking mechanics for game animals like deer, or do we solely rely on our combat skills to kill animals? Additionally, has there been any discussion about implementing trapping mechanics for small game?

On a related note, I noticed an archetype class called falconer, which sparked an interesting idea. It would be fascinating if we could utilize hunting animals obtained through taming to pursue special animals. For instance, imagine taming a snowy owl that could assist in hunting the elusive golden snow hare. This would not only introduce a hunting aspect but also increase the variety of animal pets that could serve a practical purpose. As an example, we could even have a little truffle pig, which would provide them with an additional role beyond what was shown in the video.

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