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[EU] DECERTO | PVP/PVE | Semi-Hardocre | [18+]

DECERTO was made by two previous high end Arena and CE players from WoW.
Our goal as a guild and community is to run this game as far as we can.
The ambition to be high in the ranked ladders or engage in dragonslaying is something
we all enjoy. DECERTO is pretty good at it. So, if you want a group that has experience
in high end Arenas, Battlegrounds, high end raiding and goes as far as leading e-sports team in their regions:
come and give us a shot. We might be what you're after.

What DECERTO offers:
- An active social group that can play games together, whenever and whatever.
- An understanding and bantering environment for people to enjoy themselves.
- Long term planned commitment to Ashes of Creation.
- Need help leveling/climbing ladders or dungeons? We'll make sure to be there.
- Scheduled and fixed raid days between 19:00 to 23:00 CET. (still narrowing it down)
- Focus on making our Raiders and PvP'ers understand the niche mechanics in PvX.
- Structured PvP and organised PvE for both early and late game content.

What DECERTO is looking for:
- Active and committed players for both PvE and PvP
- 18+ Years of age.
- Respect is a two way road. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
- Respect is a two way road. You decide to bounce without warning, we'll ditch you.
- Good communication skills, both verbal and written.
- Have good fundamentals of MMORPGs and their function or be willing to learn.
- Be a teamplayer, thats what this game is all about.

What is DECERTO's plans:
- Engage in Alpha2
and future tests that is to come!
- Clear all content both on land or waters.
- Clear dungeons that spawn based on events or standard ones.
- Fully engaged and kitted characters.
- Focusing on taking our own Node or maintain a valuable asset to one.
- Constructing and developing our node to the highest level.
- SIege battles and Node PvP.
- General PvP, both in Arenas, Sieges, World PvP and at sea.
- Reach max level in professions to provide our members with the best kit available.
Armor smithing, Weapon smithing, gathering professions, anything!
- Provide cool mounts / Pets through Animal husbandry!

And even more once Steven decides to pump out more content!

Head over to our discord and ask us questions or just be part of our community where we play a variety of games until Ashes Alpha 2 arrives!

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