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Good day to you all

Good Evening my fellow adventurers.

Having only just stumbled my was across your tavern I thought it only right to introduce myself.

I have been searching for some time for a new world to call my own, and perhaps bring my dragons with me. I have flown from realm to realm for more moons than perhaps some of you have seen and am yet to put down my permanent roots. I pray that I may soon find a place I can call home.
From Azeroth to Telara, through Eyrda, Erenor, Aeorzea and many others I find myself back in Tyria but yearning for new worlds to adventure to again.

I look forward to questing with you all.



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    I will drop into discord this weekend most likely. Already dropped a few referrals off to my friends in GW2, WoW, Forsaken world, rift etc.
    My core guilds facebook page is also abuzz as most there had not seen or heard of Ashes (one friend got a bit of a scolding for watching the Mage Life video I linked him while at his workstation lol).
    Hope to see some familiar faces soon.
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    <settles down with his trusted makeshift table and arranges a tea-set that is quickly put to use to fill a few cups of hot and spicey tea>

    Be welcomed into our save haven,

    <arranges a dish with some crackers and another one with assorted meat and other delicacies for the little companion>

    since you already know about the secret doors leading to another part of the community, I can safe that. It's always great to see another aimlessly wandering soul finding this spark of hope to make mmos great again. Cup it, hold it dear, let it warm you and spread it out so that it might catch on to enflame this dry and sullen world we have come to call the mmo landscape. May it burn it all down and use the soil to grow into something magnificient that will rock us out of our everyday sleep he have come to accept.

    <sips some tea> help yourself and I to the hope of seeing you and more to come around.

    Grisu aka. Zekece
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    Welcome to the community Jakantha!!! Hope to interact with you on the forums soon!
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