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Jahlon was Right

skafftarussskafftaruss Member, Phoenix Initiative, Hero of the People, Kickstarter, Alpha One
No one wants the limited space on a server to look like endless tracts of freeholds as metropolis exurbs. From my long watchful association following Ashes, the freehold system has morphed from a reasonable expectation for the common player, to a scarce rationed resource. Here’s my pile-on constructive criticism on freeholds beyond Jahlon’s YouTube video: The freehold system appears to be aligning itself with legacy MMOs. Ultimately the end game is reached and the uber players and guilds can boast they are the best. I predict that such top-heavy influencers will drive away the more cheerful part-time not so adept raid players. BTW, for white knight fanboys to use the mantra that ‘Ashes is not for everyone, and therefore people should leave,’ will turn away potential customers. Here are my recommendations (as an Everquest fan):
- Instance the guild halls;
- Ensure the potential loopholes and cheats are fixed in the freehold system to be fair to all players;
- Plenty of Server availability during surges so servers don’t freeze (like the Everquest Next debacle where players claimed plots of land using voxel graphics - crash);
- Produce an algorithm to make it virtually impossible for players to run to the end game at level 50 in short time, weather combat or crafting.
- And, off topic, work on a true Bounty Hunter System and stop watering down small guild perks. In the beginning, a wise man had a vision and invited us all along to provide feedback to make an MMO that would be all things to all people. One has to balance risk (resource limitations) versus reward (player base). I am critical that this new system with freeholds will exclude casual PVE players as laid out by Jahlon in his Freehold video. Big Cheeked Giant once said ‘if you don’t make your voice heard during the design, then you deserve the game you get’ (paraphrasing). Intrepid - Please go back and tweak this freehold strategy. Comments welcome. Be nice. Best regards, Skaff. <3

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