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ummm, yeah...

balance is the most discussed topic but i two words that i wish the more expericenced users take in is fair and customer friendy

much love as alwas <3


  • unknownsystemerrorunknownsystemerror Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    ummm, no...

    Corruption is the most discussed topic. And you gave 3 words, not two.
  • CawwCaww Member
    spell and grammar check please...
  • KilionKilion Member
    "Fair" is a huuuuuge container word. You might look at real life for example, there are some major events going on these days where you will find that each faction opposing another is sure that according to their values they are being fair and therefore see no reason to change their views or to cease their actions.

    "Customer friendly" is also a nice term, especially when talking about a game that is not out there yet. It stands to argue that Ashes has no set customer base yet. They have defined who they see as their future customers but that doesn't mean that all of us here who for now think "oh, that's me!!!" will actually be Intrepids customers and part of the income stream that incentivizes Intrepid to continuously run the servers of Ashes. So whether or not they are customer friendly is up to decide for the final numbers of long term subscriptions.

    With Steven being on record saying "this game will not be for everyone" we already have a quite significant piece of information: The CEO of this company is keenly aware that the current design choices will not sit well with everyone who is hoping for a new, great MMORPG, but is willing to take this potential cut in numbers of players to realize the game he envisions, while also being confident that none of the design choices made so far endanger the profitability of this project.

    With all that being said: Yes, these are two touchy points, but since they are highly subjective and applied on something that is still in a stage of constant and profound change, it is way to early to seriously discuss those.
    The answer is probably >>> HERE <<<
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