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Raiding Camp Potential?

The game looks exciting, just want to know if the possibility exists to:
1. Build a base to raid local towns, villages, etc. from and also control a specific area, e.g. forest, road, bridge that leads to...
2. PVP, can you loot other players and if so to what extent, e.g. full loot, or just their gold?


  • Oh boy *insert see wiki*

    But for real, in regards to looting other players, you'll want to read through the wiki regarding PvP, because the answer is yes & no to looting player items.

    For building a base...No. You will not be building bases in Ashes of Creation. You can own a Freehold out in the world, but they are limited in number and it's not going to be a "base" in the terms you're thinking.
  • Thanks, I just joined and exploring the game potentials. I will check out all the links provided, much appreciated.
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