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Summon/pet pathing and some other hopes

HumblePuffinHumblePuffin Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
I play a pet class in almost every mmo that I can. I have grand dreams of a pet class with solid pathing and control, that goes and does what you asked it to, and that actually feels a part of you. So often the summon or pet just ends up feeling like an accessory that creepily follows you around everywhere with minimal to zero interaction, and in worst case makes life harder by aggroing unintended mobs and I hope IS finally fixes this.

I was watching the mage showcase again and was loving the interaction with terrain shown. Climbing, jumping around on boulders, and started to think about how that would look with a pet/summon.

I couldn’t help but dread that we see the typical creepy accessory, who ignores game physics to get to your location, or just snap shots to you when it can’t find a path, or worst case constantly dismisses itself.

I think it would be great to have summons/pets traverse terrain in a way that makes sense. Maybe jumping up on to the rock you started to climb, or actually jumping over the gap like you did, maybe even being able to direct them to make the jump first. Maybe some capable of climbing as well or floating/flying up. Just anything to make the summon not feel lifeless.

While summoner is what I am most excited to get my hands on, I was quite relieved to hear it wasn’t going to be in at the start of a2. That gives me some hope that they will get this right and finally make a pet class that provides good visual feed back, interaction, and use of the pet.

Another take from that video is that I hope every class gets to have someone who is passionate about that class working on it. The mage visuals looked wonderful and it looked fun to play. Having people involved in design who cared about that class and understood that archetypes frustrations really came through in the quality.
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