A short origin story

- <em>Is he here yet?</em> - Asked the King, who was a bit tired, since he slept only 3 hours a day since the mages discovered a slight signs of activity of the long dead portal residing in the far ends of the kingdom’s most cruel land.
- <em>He waits in the hall, Sire!</em> - rushed with the answer the personal secretary of the King.
- <em>Invite him in.</em>
Seconds later a 6’ tall man entered to the room. For first glance, nothing special can be discovered for the uninitiated eyes. However, the members of Royal Guards were able quickly noticed, that nor his armor or the one weapon he was allowed to carry in the king’s presence can not be found in any smiths or merchants in the kingdom.
- <em>Sire.</em> - bowed down the man.
- <em>Commander! Shall we leave the courtesy?</em> - Accepted the King the greetings.
- <em>Exactly my thoughts.</em> - Grinned the man.
- <em>First, let me handle your payment for the last assignment of yours. </em>- The king motioned towards the Secretary of Sensitive Matters, who presented a sack. - <em>5000 gold, as we agreed. Also, an overplus of 1000 gold, since you were able to solve it in such short notice.</em>

A few weeks ago the commander and his war-band were successfully hunt down a band of assassins, who suspected with poisoning the king’s son for reasons unknown. Luckily, the commander were satisfied with the reason of gold, at least so far.

- <em>Thank you Sire.</em> - Responded the man. - <em>Please accept my rue, I hope the heir will be better soon.</em>
- <em>This is not the case currently. I guess from any people, you can know the feeling, Commander.</em>
- <em>I.... do Sire, however...</em>
- <em>This is why I would like to give you something… personal.</em> - The man felt, that the unexpected turn of this audition will lead into some unexpected requests later. - <em>This was found in the ruined land near the gate.</em>

The necklace had a small medal hanging on it, both seemed damaged by heat man can not produce. Since it was made from the hardest metal can be found in the continent, it was not destroyed completely.

The Commander still remembers the day when he lost his daughter. He was out in the front lines. That times, the area around the gate was considered safe, even a privileged place, since the gate was silent since eons, but the traditions told the inhabitants of the kingdom, that their ancestors came through that gate long ago.

For a moment, he lost the present, unknowingly clenched his fists, which was noticed by the King – and by the Royal Guards as well. The man knew, that he is manipulated by the court, by the King, but the hope... dies last.
- <em>What do you expect from me, Sire?</em> – Asked the man with his teeth gritting.
- <em>We expect the gate opening shortly. The preparations almost complete from our side. Go through the gate with your war-band with the first contingent of invasional forces.</em>
- <em>Which is?</em>
- <em>5000 man strong. After they created a foothold, another 10000 will follow.</em>
- <em>Our task?</em>
- <em>Hoard every magic items you can from the new world and bring them to our scientists. You can keep the gold, the riches you found, we don’t care.</em>
- <em>My liege, are you sure...</em> - The Secretary of Sensitive Matters dared to interrupt.
- <em>We have made our mind. They service worth it. No one else would dare to venture that deep in the Uninhabited World, knowing what we know.</em> – As the King.

The truth is, years before, the King gave the Commander his first assignment. Collect all knowledge – books, scrolls, lore, everything – about the Uninhabited World, no matter the costs - or the lifes. The King had no doubt, that before he received the knowledge materials loaded into three caravans, the mages and warlocks belong to the Commander read it all, even made copies of it.

- <em>May I ask...</em> – Started the Commander.
- <em>Yes. The answer is, that I expect to found a cure to my son. The poison was not even recognized by our most skilled asassins and witch doctors.</em> – responded the King. – <em>Which leads us into the conclusion...</em>
- <em>...that is not from this world. Why not the Royal Army? The Royal Guards?</em>
The King sent all members Royal Guard outside the room.
- <em>We are sure, that you heard... gossips... what would happen, if the heir dies. some of the Lords of the Land thinks, that they can be pretenders to the throne. They forces currently are not a match, but we should not forget, that if the gate opens, I’d like to avoid any two fronted war. You’ve proven your loyalty, if you accept a task, you wouldn’t accept any other from an opposite party. This cannot be said from everyone in the court, however.</em>
The King took a silent moment staring front of himself, then continued.
- <em>Do you accept the assignment?</em>
- <em>So shall it be.</em> – As the Commander.
- <em>You report directly to me. In case anyone tries to impose himself as an appointed superior of yours, deal with the case as you see fit.</em>
- <em>It will be done.</em>

The King turned his back to the Commander, which meant, that the audition is over. The personal secretary of the King escorted the Commander to the hall, where a few Royal Guards pointed their spears towards unknown demonic animals. The scene made the personal secretary of the king recoiled, tried to sound the alarm. The Commander stopped him, and asked loudly with a voice used to give orders.
- <em>Eytyxia, what is happening?</em>
A woman appeared from the shadows in black robe with gold embroidery on it – the official colors of the mercenary band they belonged to -, long black hair, and black gloves, leaving two fingers open in both hands. At least, a summoner can summon only with bare hands. Both Eytyxia and her husband usually accompanied the Commander in difficult negotiations.
- <em>They semmed to be... unfriendly.</em>
- <em>Put the beasts away, and lets leave this place. Your husband? </em>
- <em>You know wehere he is.</em>
A part of the shadow departed from the shadow of the Commander, the husband of the summoner was with him the whole time. As the parted shadow started to form a man, the Royal Guards dismayed heavily seeing a spell they not even heard of.

Outside the palace the Commander stopped for a second.
- <em>Any news from the warlock? </em>
- <em>You know him, he won’t appear unless he is needed. He went on a research trip to a certain... manor.</em> – responded Eytyxia.
- <em>I hope there will be no unnecessary deaths.</em> – So the Commander. – <em>Anyways, send a demon hound with the message, his presence is requested. Based on the gossips, the gate will be fully charged in the upcoming weeks. Peter Wyvern is one of the few people in this kingdom who knows how to deal with whatever we found in the other side.</em>
- <em>As you wish.</em>
- <em>Shiner started to organize the re-arming of the warband?</em>
- <em>Well, yes, but a... situation happened...</em>
- <em>Like?</em>
- <em>You know our smith... how much he likes to have „fun” in those country taverns. Well, Shiner went with Rostam to get him out of trouble, because two house was burned down in the heat of an argument about who is the best smith in the land.</em>
- <em>Seems Como hungers for some action. Rostam was necessary to send?</em>
- <em>When one of his battle-brothers gets in trouble, he cannot be reasoned. And thats not all.</em>
- <em>Hit me.</em>
- <em>Well, Kurosine... she took your last command seriously about punishing the merchants who take advance on the poor of the war torn lands. There is 13 casualties so far.</em>
- <em>Casualties for us?</em>
- <em>None.</em>
- <em>Let’s assembe everyone. The gate won’t wait for us to open.</em>


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